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"Sex, Leather, Alcohol +Tears"... BELT SLAVE is a low budget, character driven film about Jinx, a real person I worked with for a decade in the leather trade. Jinx was a leather worker lost in sociopathic misogynistic pursuit of women in a sad and simple life as a belt studder for a small Los Angeles leather shop filled with a rag tag group of alcoholic part-time workers and unemployed models. The downtown shop has since closed but the characters remain in memory.
This was my second feature film completed in 2009. After final edit, I felt guilty about how we portrayed I highlighted the absolute worst parts of his personality. We edited the film down to a 20 minute short and released it as SLAVE TO DESIRE. The real Jinx died in 2018 in a motorcycle crash so i decided to release the feature length version. Looking at the film now, I see a solid attempt to show the odd lives of characters in the fashion world I used to live and work in - Jeff Gallea

'Watching Trees' song available here:

Eric Wolfgang Nelson - Jinx the Belt Slave
Rachel Miles - Mika
Robert Sisko - Belt Boss
Florence Tung - French Elsa
Amelia Meyers - Lucy
Todd Henry Baker - Burger Todd
T Ashanti Mozelle - One Leg Kenny
Natasha Blasick - Pink Passion
Dru Delio - Tommy B
Suzanna Jones - Suzie Q
David Harbatkin - Curly
Noelle Perris - Ex Girlfriend
Jeff Gallea - Boss's Brother
Charles Botang - Dreadlock Friend
Laura Cotenescu - Stoned Lady In White
Austin Wilfred - Pot Dealer

Cinematography : Drew Aiello & Jeff Gallea

Cello Score : Rebekka Lien

Film Score : Eleven Pond

Editing : Todd Henry Baker & Jeff Gallea

Tech Advisor : Alex Safdie

Mohawk Casting

Credits Song : Eleven Pond - Watching Trees

Written, Produced & Directed by Jeff Gallea
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